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Registration for 2023/2024 season 

Tryouts for the Arrowhead Basketball Club will be held at Arrowhead High School Sunday, September 24 and Sunday, Oct. 1. All players must register before tryouts by 3pm, September 22. Registration link is posted on the home page.


The Tryouts

Tryouts are conducted during late September and early October by grade. Players must be registered before participating. During the tryouts, players are given a number for identification by our coaches and evaluators. There are two sessions of tryouts. ABC encourages players to attend both sessions to allow for the most comprehensive evaluation.


Players' skills are rated during a series of drills and game situations. During these drills and games, players are graded on their work ethic, coachability, listening, communication on the court with other players, offense skills, defense skills, competitiveness (effort), and other traits identified by our coaching staff and evaluators.


Usually, 5-7 coaches/evaluators are present during the tryouts. Parents are not permited in the gym during tryouts.


Names of players that are selected are published on the ABC website.


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