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Parents Code of Conduct

The following standards of conduct is a philosophy that is paramount to the game of basketball and Arrowhead Basketball Club. Basketball is a sport that belongs to the players. While games are exciting for parents and spectators, this excitement and enthusiasm must be both positive and controlled. Uncontrolled or abusive parental behavior is not accepted within Arrowhead Basketball Club.


The Referee: Never use foul or abusive language toward any of the referees, opposing coaches or site officials. The coach(s) are in control of the game. Keep this in mind: “A parent has never overruled a referee and never will”.


The Rules: To be a supportive parent, you should understand the rules of the game. Take time to familiarize yourself with the basics of a basketball game.


Your Player: ABC attempts to provide the best coaching and training available for your player. Keep this in mind when encouraging your player and their teammates during a practice or game. ABC wants and needs your enthusiasm and support, but only in a constructive manner. A parent’s duty is to encourage; not to coach or to criticize. Sideline coaching sends a confusing message to the player. Let the coach-coach, the players-play and the referee’s control the game without interference.


Conduct: Continuous yelling is distracting for both teams and at times can reveal the parents lack of understanding of the game. Enthusiasm, in short bursts of encouragement, is welcome and needed. Always show respect to the players and spectators of the opposing team. Always remember you are responsible for the conduct of all visitors you bring to any game. You are a representative of Arrowhead and your behavior makes an impression!


Anyone who violates this Agreement and Code of Conduct is subject to immediate dismissal by a referee from any game and disciplinary action up to and including an appearance before the club’s Board of Directors; and possible expulsion from future games.


© 2016 Arrowhead Basketball Club. All Right Reserved.

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